The Bang — A female Iraq War vet, pushed to the brink by an underfunded VA and the demands of motherhood, copes with her crippling PTSD by seeking ‘the bang’ — filling the void war left behind with the high of crime, danger and risking it all. A mix of: The Wire & Jessica Jones

I based this script on research on PTSD, personal interviews with Iraq War veterans, and eight years as an instructor for military personnel. My goal was to view a complex social problem through the perspective of an engaging main character. The Bang has was recently named Silver Medalist in the 2016 Page Awards, and has been recognized by Screencraft, Acclaim TV, Staffing Survey and was honored by The Black List as one of its Top 15 unproduced pilots of the year.

Shitty Hall — A disillusioned barista with a taste for cheap whiskey is charged with saving her crumbling Iowa hometown when an electoral fluke accidentally makes her the Mayor. A mix of: Shameless & House of Cards 


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