Review: The Path — Hulu’s new scripted drama takes on Scientology in a way documentary couldn’t



We Are All Witnesses — When our desire to be sports fans is overrun by our obligation to be citizens.

The Definition of a Fan — On going along for the ride.

Saints Victory Over Falcons Made-for-TV Disaster — With ‘distractions’ like this, who needs enemies?



On Electability — Quick thoughts on a popular piece of make believe.


Social Justice

Marching Matters — It’s easy to forget the strength in just showing up.

The Ballot and the Bullet — Django, Obama, Malcolm, Martin.

The Night I Wasn’t Raped — An unexpected spin on a popular cautionary tale.



The Value of Local in a Global World — Telling the stories of the people on your street.

Investing in People — On giving up the dream, and who’s to blame.

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