Vote for whoever the hell you want to, but first, can I ask you a few questions about ‘electability’?

1. You do realize that ‘electability’ is the biggest self-fulfilling prophecy in the history of the world, don’t you? (HRC is more ‘electable’, therefore more of you should vote for her, look at how many people are voting for her — see, she’s more electable!)

2. You do realize that no one really knows who’s ‘electable’, since here is a partial list of candidates who have been crushing national polls ten months before recent elections: Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean? I could go on.

3. You do realize that when someone insists you vote for someone ‘more electable’ what they are really saying is — voters other than you can never be convinced to change their mind, so you should change yours to align with them?

4. You do realize that voting for someone in a primary because they’re ‘electable’ is like starting a salary negotiation by naming a number you think will please your boss, instead of by telling him what you think you’re worth?

The whole stupid, regurgitated narrative about ‘electability’ is driven by the chattering class status quo and perpetuated by armchair political scientists to sound smart. Vote for whoever you want, but don’t you think someday, before you die, you’re gonna look back and wish you voted your damn conscience?